How Dance Class Makes Kids Better!!

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I wanted to write a post about how important dance and dance class can be for the development of a child.So I poked around the internet and found plenty of studies and articles to support the concept. (There are a few links at the bottom of this post if you want to see some more info) . But instead of quoting a few articles I wanted to just talk about the experience that teachers in general find while working with children.
I can honestly say in our experience as teachers you can often see an improved sense of self-esteem throughout the year, even in the shyest of children.  It makes them feel good about themselves, gives them a sense of accomplishment! A good teacher always commends a child for even the smallest accomplishments, and that always results in a huge smile!! There is also a good amount of discipline required to participate in a dance class. Students are asked to memorize the names and movements of certain steps, and repeat them in a specific order.They are asked to wait their turn, stand in line, and listen without talking while learning!  This is a great reinforcement for what a child is learning at home or at preschool, and as grow older it helps with a sense of learning to work on your own!! Dance helps children learn to express themselves in ways that they may not be able to in other ways. Class structures also encourage students to work on their own, practicing steps while teachers are helping other students.  They also have the opportunity to work as a team, relying on each other to perform a certain series of steps together, either with a partner or in a group. While dance class promotes the idea of being the best that you can be, it creates a healthy type of competition. As students progress they will be asked to perform in recitals, or perhaps competitions, where they learn about the amount of hard work it takes to succeed, which transfers to any activity later in life. The obvious benefit is of course the physical activity!
While programs incorporating the arts and gym classes are being cut from school budgets all across the country, the National Dance Association (NDA), is working in partnership with the Let’s Move In School (LMIS) initiative to get the arts and physical activity back into our schools!
So hopefully you can see the importance of getting you child active in a dance program wherever you are. Dance Branson offers a wide variety of classes for all ages! Check out  our fall schedule !!!


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