Dance Branson Stars Perform!!!

This past weekend our Dancs Branson Stars were invited to perform for a Veteran’s reunion at the Welk Resort!! Having seen our girls at another performance they decided to use them instead of bringing in a professionals. They told us they were having a luau theme. We are just starting out our new season, so we don’t have any new choreography finished yet, so we had to come up with a show pretty much from scratch! Although this is something professionals might do on a regular basis, it was a new concept for the team! We chose some appropriate music, and went to work! The girls had only 4 rehearsals to get it all together!!  We incorporated dance and singing as some of our team members are fabulous vocalists! Brooke Cox sang a fabulous rendition of Bali Hi while the girls danced, and then our Senior girls did the Rock A Hula……they were followed by our Rising and Shooting stars danced to Wipeout, followed by another performance from our Senios to Papa Ooh Mow Mow!! Kresleigh Hedrick then stepped up to sing a beautiful song to show our appreciation for the Veteran’s service called The Soldier Song, and everyone performed to God Bless America while Kres sang!!! There was not a dry eye in the house!!! The girls performed beautifully and professionally, they were flat out amazing! We were so incredibly proud!! The Veterans were so appreciative of the performance, they were kind enough to pose with the girls for many pictures as well!! All an all a great opportunity!!We could not be any more proud of not only the dancers we are raising but the compassionate, giving, loving young people they all are!

The Dance Branson Stars with the Veterans

Brooke Cox singing Bali Hi

Some of our Senior girls!! Look at those beautiful smiles!!


God Bless America!!! With Kresleigh!!



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