Exciting times at Tremaine!!

tiff and girls

Tiffany Maher from TV’s So You Think You Can Dance, with some of our junior girls!

We just got back from a crazy fun weekend in St. Louis at the Tremaine dance convention and competition!!! It is such an amazing experience for young dancers!! Not only do they get to be a part of an elite competition, but they also get to take classes for 2 full days from some of the best teachers in the dance community!! Many of them are currently working out of LA and featured in movies, music videos, television and commercial work. They get to learn everything from tap, hip hop, and street, to jazz contemporary and ballet! They love it!! During these classes they also audition for Tremaine scholarships! Only a few are selected per age group and we are very proud to say that 2 of our students were selected to receive scholarships! Congratulations to Kyndall Coker a junior, and Brittany Wurst a senior!!! They rocked!! Several of our students were also finalists for these scholarships!! During the evening the competition starts, and we were very well represented!! we received several 1st and 2nd awards in a variety of different solos, duos, and groups!! Not an easy task I might add as the competition was fierce!! We are so proud of all of our students for representing the studio so well! In addition we had the added bonus of watching one of our very own students, Lezlie Young, work as an apprentice during the weekend. She was one of 60 dancers chosen from across the country to participate in this program, and she did a fabulous job! Cant’t wait for the next big convention/competition……DMI here we come!!!!


New Acting Class Starting Soon!!

The-Comedy-and-Tragedy-Masks-acting-204463_489_381EXCITING NEWS!! Dance Branson is pleased to announce the debut of our 6 week, “Applied Acting Workshop”! We will explore popular acting techniques (Method Acting, Psychological Gesture, Emotional Recall, and more), sharpen improvisational skills, learn the art of mastering cold readings, find and prepare monologues for use as audition pieces, scene work, and much more. It is going to be a fun, intimate (limited space, so enroll now), and informative! A 6 week extensive course that will give you (and/or the upcoming actor in your life) the self assurance to step into any audition situation with CONFIDENCE!! Sign up today as we need a certain # of students to make it all happen and I want to get started this Tuesday Jan.22! Dance Branson is building “triple threats”, which is what you need to succeed in the entertainment world these days, where young performers out there are pushing their skills to the limit! Remember, the complete performer “triangle” includes, “MIND, VOICE AND BODY”……if you neglect any of these and you want to be the best entertainer you can be, you are cheating yourself. On of my favorite professors (who forced me to take ballet….yes, that’s right, I took ballet and am SO thankful I did) once said, “If you don’t want to do it, fine…..but be rest assured, Bucky, that your competition IS!” Something to think about;) Call 337-3535 and let’s take your talents to the next level, shall we!!