Petite Solos and Duos!!

Wow! What a way to finish up the weekend!! In petite solos, Cydney Heard won a 3rd place overall in the Rising Star division and then..You’re the One That I Want was 7th overall and. Oogie Boogie won 1st overall in Rising Star Duos/trios and Jet Set won first place in the Shooting Star division!!!
We had such a great weekend!! We are so proud of all of our dancers!! Can’t wait until Nationals!!!



Teen Small Group Awards!!

Another fabulous afternoon. We had several small groups listed in this category, however the highlights were most definitely Soul with a Capital S winning 5th overall in the Shooting star division. As well as best costume!! And Good Girl winning 9 th overall on a very tough Elite Division !!! You girls rock!!!


Junior duos!!

Another great awards ceremony! Kicked it off with Ruby Blue winning the Showmanship award!! And they won their age category! Watching You won a platinum hugh score and 10th overall!!! was



Petite group Awards!!!

Wow!!! Another exciting morning!! Super Star received a Gold! Queen of the waves was 3rd overall in the Rising stars division small groups. Jump in a Line was 4th overall in Rising star large groups! Java was 3rd overall in the shooting star large group category !!!


Teen Solos

We are so proud of all of our teen soloists!! They all achieved many exciting awards last night! The highlight however was Brittany Wurst receiving 9th overall in a very tough elite star competition !! We are so proud of all of you!!!



Tonight our production number which includes all 38 of our team members ages 5-17 won an award for Best Costumes !! We won a platinum award and 3rd overall!!!!!!


Junior small groups!!!!

Freeze Frame just won their age division in the rising star division and came 3rd overall, and Primmadonna won a platinum award and won their age division and 3rd overall in the shooting star division!!!


Teen Shooting Star Awards

Miss Azra Martinez received a Platinum award and 13th overall!!!! Very exciting!!!


Senior Solo

Miss Kenzie Mattix was awarded a High Gold and 2nd in her category!! She also was awarded 13th overall in a tough competition!!A great way to finish out the night!!
I don’t want to brag….. But everyone of our dancers today made it to the top 15 overall! Kind of an awesome day!!!


Junior Solo Awards at Stage One

We are rockin this dance competition.We had 4 dancers place overall Junior shooting Stars !!! Chloe Boughton was 15th, Katie Combs 12th, Brooke Cox was 6th and Kyndall Coker was 2nd!!!!! In the Elite star category Ana Bernhardi placed 8th overall!!! Wow!!! We are having an amazing weekend so far!!!