The Dance Branson Stars have had a Stellar Year so far!!!

Tremaine Tulsa Collage

Some of the fun had at Tremaine in Tulsa! Scholarship winners galore and solo winners pictured, as well as many of our students who were singled out in class for their excellent skills!

Toys award

The cast of our Production number Toys which one the Entertainment award over hundreds of other competitors! We are so proud!!

DMI Scholarship winners!

Scholarship winners at Dancemakers Inc

January is the beginning of our competition/convention season. Up until now we have been to 4 competitions, 3 of which are also conventions. At the conventions the dancers take classes all day from teachers who are typically the best in the business from New york and LA! They are such a great opportunity for our dancers. While at these conventions they are also given the opportunity to take part in an audition for scholarships. The auditions are held exactly like a professional audition where they make cuts and keep only a small amount of dancers out of the hundreds that are there. This year we are proud to announce a total of 19 of our students were selected as finalists and kept through the final audition. Out of this 19, Dance Branson had 12 scholarship recipients! Many of these scholarships are for prestigious summer programs at some of the biggest and most well known studios in the country! They will be taking classes from well known dancers such as those seen on “So You Think You Can Dance” ( Twitch, Tiffany Mayer, Mandy Moore and many more). Several of these scholarships  were also awarded through the  world renowned Tremaine competition/convention program, at which one of our students is also an apprentice for the Tremaine performance team.

javaNot only have we won,scholarships but we  have also done amazingly well in the competition scene. So far our highlights have been,at Dancemakers INC a highest score award for our junior girls , and they were asked to dance again at the final awards ceremony. At the same competition our production number featuring the whole team was awarded the Entertainment award over the whole weekend. We went on to compete at Dance Showcase USA where we won an award for best choreography in the senior division. Shortly after that we traveled to Tulsa with a select group of dancers, where one of our trios won an Entertainment award and was the second highest score in the junior division. At all of these competitions we have also received numerous first and second place awards overall for many solos, duos and groups!

Trio TULSA_14866

Jet Set- winners if the Entertainment award and 2nd highest score in the Junior division at Tremaine Tulsa

We are so incredibly proud of all of our students!! Our motto is “growing up dancers” and we are very excited to see what these ladies will do in the future!!!

Good girl

“Good Girl” with our Senior girls, Winners at both Tremaine St. Louis and at Dancemakers Inc!!


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