Nationals!!….. Teen Elite Solos!!!

Friday night we were excited to watch our teens perform their solos!! We started with Blakely received a High Gold for both her lyrical and musical theater solos and was 14th overall! Lezlie was awarded a Platinum for her solo, was 10th overall and was awarded the Intensity award! Lia was awarded a High Gold for her tap solo!! Brittany was gives a Platinum, won the Hip Hop division, was 7th overall and was chosen for the Diva Award!!
We then moved to Teen Duos where Kenzie and Lia were given a High Gold and were 6th overall!!
Fantastic work ladies!!!



Nationals….. Petite and Junior Groupd!

Ok we had a lot going on this afternoon. Petite large groups went first, our Baby Stars with Jump in a Line were up first and received a Platinum and tied for 1st in their division and were 2nd overall!!!! Java was in the junior division and received a Platinum, won their jazz division and were 2nd overall!!!!!!!!
Then came our Production number Toys which includes all of our team members!!! They received a platinum won their division and won …… Drum roll please….. 1st overall!!!!!!! National Title for the whole team!!!!!!! Woo Hoo
We also had a very special surprise with a scholarship awarded to Ana Bernhardi!!! And Toys also won an award for Technical Excellence!!!!


Nationals ….. Junior Elite solos

Great way to start off the day!! Ana received a Platinum for each of her 2 solos!!! And was 6th overall!!!!


Nationals!!…..Teen Shooting Star Solos!!

Awesome night!!! Azra received a Platinum High Score which meant she won her Lyrical category and was 3rd overall!! And if that wasn’t fantastic enough, she was given a Scholarship to Stage One’s Summer Intensive!! Only 2 were given and there were 70 entries!!! I mean wow!!!we are so proud if her!! We especially loved that she came in with the mentality of ” I’m gonna win this thing!!” And she did!!


Nationals….. Junior Small Groups!!!

Here we go again !! Junior small groups……Freeze Frame received a High Gold and was 9th overall in the Rising Star division.!!! Primmadonna received a Platinum, and was also 9th overall in a really competitive Shooting Stars division. !!! A great afternoon for everybody!!!!


Nationals!! … Petite Solos, Duos and Trios!!

Another Great day!!! In Petite Solos, Cydney received a platinum, she won her category and was 2nd overall!!
In the duo category AJ & Savannah received a High Gold! Chloe & Katie Rose got a Platinum won their Jazz division and were 1st overall!! Jet Set with Brooke, Jenna, & Kyndallwon with a Platinum and 1st overall!!!
2 National title holders!!!! We are so proud!!!!!
Ps jet Set just won the choreography award!! Go Miss Tonya, and Cydney won the Showmanship Award!!!


Celebrate Talent!!!

We just finished competing at the Celebrate Talent right here in Branson. This was our first time competing at this competition, and we were truly impressed! It was run in such a professional manner, very organized, with great talent and friendly people!! Not only did they have a free master class the night before but they offer scholarship prizes as well!!
Our dancers were fabulous this weekend as well! While all of our dancers received very high scores we would like to recognize some of the stand out awards!!
First we have to recognize Brittany Wurst and Ana Bernhardi for being the only dancers selected to perform the combination they were taught in the Master Class!! In the Petite Rising Star division. In The Duet category Oogie Boogie (Chloe Cofer & Katie Rose Youngblood)took 2nd place overall, and Cydney Heard was 1st overall in the solo division. Cydney Heard also won high score overall in the Rising Star division for the whole competition. In the Petite Shooting Stars Jet Set ( Kyndall Coker, Brooke Cox & Jenna Bernhardi) won the duo/trio competition!! The Junior division also had some big highlights! In the Rising Stars Ashantae Cummings was 2nd overall. And in the very tough Shooting Stars Brooke Cox was 5th overall and Ana Bernhardi was 3rd overall!
There were also some Special Awards Given out and we are very proud to say that Ana Bernhardi was one of 3 recipients of a very special scholarship to a summer program in Hollywood Ca!! And last but certainly not least Miss Tonya won an award for Best Choreography for Jet Set!!
We are so proud of all of our students, and can’t wait to see what they will be achieving next!!


Teen Shooting Star Awards

Miss Azra Martinez received a Platinum award and 13th overall!!!! Very exciting!!!


Exciting times at Tremaine!!

tiff and girls

Tiffany Maher from TV’s So You Think You Can Dance, with some of our junior girls!

We just got back from a crazy fun weekend in St. Louis at the Tremaine dance convention and competition!!! It is such an amazing experience for young dancers!! Not only do they get to be a part of an elite competition, but they also get to take classes for 2 full days from some of the best teachers in the dance community!! Many of them are currently working out of LA and featured in movies, music videos, television and commercial work. They get to learn everything from tap, hip hop, and street, to jazz contemporary and ballet! They love it!! During these classes they also audition for Tremaine scholarships! Only a few are selected per age group and we are very proud to say that 2 of our students were selected to receive scholarships! Congratulations to Kyndall Coker a junior, and Brittany Wurst a senior!!! They rocked!! Several of our students were also finalists for these scholarships!! During the evening the competition starts, and we were very well represented!! we received several 1st and 2nd awards in a variety of different solos, duos, and groups!! Not an easy task I might add as the competition was fierce!! We are so proud of all of our students for representing the studio so well! In addition we had the added bonus of watching one of our very own students, Lezlie Young, work as an apprentice during the weekend. She was one of 60 dancers chosen from across the country to participate in this program, and she did a fabulous job! Cant’t wait for the next big convention/competition……DMI here we come!!!!