Nationals!!….. Teen Elite Solos!!!

Friday night we were excited to watch our teens perform their solos!! We started with Blakely received a High Gold for both her lyrical and musical theater solos and was 14th overall! Lezlie was awarded a Platinum for her solo, was 10th overall and was awarded the Intensity award! Lia was awarded a High Gold for her tap solo!! Brittany was gives a Platinum, won the Hip Hop division, was 7th overall and was chosen for the Diva Award!!
We then moved to Teen Duos where Kenzie and Lia were given a High Gold and were 6th overall!!
Fantastic work ladies!!!



Nationals….. Petite and Junior Groupd!

Ok we had a lot going on this afternoon. Petite large groups went first, our Baby Stars with Jump in a Line were up first and received a Platinum and tied for 1st in their division and were 2nd overall!!!! Java was in the junior division and received a Platinum, won their jazz division and were 2nd overall!!!!!!!!
Then came our Production number Toys which includes all of our team members!!! They received a platinum won their division and won …… Drum roll please….. 1st overall!!!!!!! National Title for the whole team!!!!!!! Woo Hoo
We also had a very special surprise with a scholarship awarded to Ana Bernhardi!!! And Toys also won an award for Technical Excellence!!!!


Nationals ….. Junior Elite solos

Great way to start off the day!! Ana received a Platinum for each of her 2 solos!!! And was 6th overall!!!!


Nationals!!…..Teen Shooting Star Solos!!

Awesome night!!! Azra received a Platinum High Score which meant she won her Lyrical category and was 3rd overall!! And if that wasn’t fantastic enough, she was given a Scholarship to Stage One’s Summer Intensive!! Only 2 were given and there were 70 entries!!! I mean wow!!!we are so proud if her!! We especially loved that she came in with the mentality of ” I’m gonna win this thing!!” And she did!!


Nationals….. Junior Small Groups!!!

Here we go again !! Junior small groups……Freeze Frame received a High Gold and was 9th overall in the Rising Star division.!!! Primmadonna received a Platinum, and was also 9th overall in a really competitive Shooting Stars division. !!! A great afternoon for everybody!!!!


Nationals!! … Petite Solos, Duos and Trios!!

Another Great day!!! In Petite Solos, Cydney received a platinum, she won her category and was 2nd overall!!
In the duo category AJ & Savannah received a High Gold! Chloe & Katie Rose got a Platinum won their Jazz division and were 1st overall!! Jet Set with Brooke, Jenna, & Kyndallwon with a Platinum and 1st overall!!!
2 National title holders!!!! We are so proud!!!!!
Ps jet Set just won the choreography award!! Go Miss Tonya, and Cydney won the Showmanship Award!!!


Miss Victoria on the floor next to Miss Tonya and all our crazy girls!!

Miss Victoria on the floor next to Miss Tonya and all our crazy girls!!

We had an amazing experience at the studio tonight! Victoria Venier award winning singer, song writer, choreographer and director held a master class  at Dance Branson!!! Victoria is the vice president of Matt Davenport Production out of Nashville, TN. She is coming in town to do Production work with Miss Tonya on a show and  graciously agreed to teach a master tap and performance class for our Int and Adv dancers! We all (yes even the teachers!) loved the rhythm tap class, which exposed us all to a few new ideas! Immediately following Victoria gave some very valuable advice about casting, auditioning, and performance quality, which included some one on one critiques! What a fantastic opportunity for our young dancers! And who knows one of these day she may giving one of them a job in a show!!

Summer Programs!!

IMG_1324We are super excited about our summer schedule this year!! Our studio keeps growing so we are able to offer even more amazing classes! One of our highlights this year is our Performing Arts Casting Workshop! This is an intensive 2 day acting/theater/vocal workshop for young entertainers between the ages of 8-19 years who are interested in the performing arts! They will learn casting secrets from one of the top kids casting directors from Hollywood. Students will participate in a mock audition, learn the ins and outs of auditioning on Broadway and receive cutting edge information for aspiring singers. It takes place July13 & 14, and will end with a pre show performance at Legends in Concert! This is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed, there is limited enrollment so register now!! Call the studio (417)337-3535.

In addition to the casting workshop, we have a lot of other camps available. One of our most popular is our Princess& Knights camp! This is the perfect camp any young dancers, ages 3- first grade, They will learn  ballet , tap, musical theater, do some crafts,and have story time and snacks.  This camp runs June 25-27 9am-12 pm and again in July from the 9-11th 9am-12pm.

We are also adding a new Hip Hop Camp! this will be for ages kindergarten -4th grade and 5th grade and up.  It will feature some fabulous guest teachers, and be a great way to learn some of the hottest moves you see on the newest TV shows!

Last summer our musical theater camp was a huge hit so we will be offering that again. this year it will run from July15th-18th for 5-10 year olds from 10am-1pm. and July 22nd -25th for 10years and up 10am-1pm.. They will learn acting skills, work on vocal pieces, and stage movement. This will be taught Bucky Heard from Legends in Concert!!

Bucky will also be teaching another of our new workshops, our acting workshop. Students will explore popular acting techniques, work on monologues and scenes, explore improvisational skills, and work on cold readings and audition skills. this is an excellent opportunity for a young actor. the camp is offered June 17th-221st. 6-11yr olds will be 9;30-11:30am and 11 years and up will be 12-2pm

Crazy Fun Dance Camp is perfect for the younger dancer with limited experience. It is exactly what it sounds like…..crazy and fun. They will experience classes in many different styles of dance. The camp runs from June 25th-27th 9am-noon. for ages 2nd -6th grade!

Dance Intensive is for the more advanced dancer. There will be several guest teachers for these camps, in classes of all styles. It will be a week of hard work, but tons of fun!! Intensive runs twice this summer the first camp is June 10th-14th 9:30am-3:30pm, and then again Aug. 5th-9th 9:30-3:30.

We also have a full schedule of classes throughout the week. We have everything from beginner classes to advanced and classes for 2year olds up to adults. We have something for everyone!funky kids

For more information, check out our website,